Viertausender der Alpen

The Fourthousanders of the Alps
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2018/12/04 Matterhorn Hörnligrat Matterhorn Andreas Messner
2017/11/02 Matterhorn Matterhorn in unglaublichem Licht Ralph van den Berg
2017/09/11 Allalinhorn Allalinhorn Gletscher Rainer Jost
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2019/02/11 2017/07/02 2017/06/15
 Weissmies  Grand Combin de Valsorey  Grand Combin (de Grafeneire)
Karl-Heinz Schlicker  Filip Werniers  Thomas Woznik 
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4000 m - a magic line for mountaineerers in the European Alps. Here a clear amount of summits tower higher above the mean sea level at Marseille1. The number of these depends on the idea of the meter to be the 40 millionth part of the meridian through Paris as well as the question, which summit is stand-alone.
On these web pages each visitor can compile his own list of alpine fourthousanders or can comply with more or less official lists. One can identify the climbed summits and get personal statistics as well as general information.  1 Zeropoint of the Swiss Topography
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St. Moritz  

Rise*: 4:49
Set*: 20:03

Rise*: 23:36 (22.5)
Set*: 8:35

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* referring to Zermatt
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